Kyle Esala
Data Warehouse, Discovery, Analytics, and Fraud - Fast Enterprises
Kyle Esala has been with FAST for 10 years and has worked on or assisted with over 20 FAST projects. His primary focuses during that time have been Data Warehouse, Discovery, Analytics, and Fraud. Most recently, Kyle has been working on building out the system’s reporting capabilities and finding ways to standardize the common elements that agencies need to report on. 
Ojito Prevatt
FAST Technical Manager
Ojito Prevatt is a Technical Manager with FAST. He has been with FAST since 2006 and has worked on multiple FAST solution implementations including projects in New Mexico, Oregon, and Puerto Rico. Ojito has implemented security in multiple agencies and led a re-engineering effort for New Mexico Tax.
Drew Ford
FAST Headquarters Developer
Drew Ford is a FAST Headquarters Developer and is responsible for the IRP and e-Services systems. Drew started with FAST in 2009 and has led IRP projects in Colorado, New Mexico, and Washington.
Frank Dean
Fast Enterprises
Frank Dean has been a member of the AAMVA community for almost 20 years, helping dozens of agencies implement new systems and processes. Frank joined FAST in 2016 and most recently worked with the Colorado DMV to implement their DRIVES project.
Josh Decker
FAST Director and Data Services Lead
Josh Decker is a FAST Director who currently leads the Fast Data Services business. Josh has worked with several states on the Data Warehouse, Discovery, Analytics, and Data Services subsystems over the last 13 years.
Latigo Biggins
FAST Technical Team Director
Latigo Biggins is the FAST Technical Team Director. In this role, Latigo provides technical direction for FAST, leadership for FAST Hosting Services (FHS), manages Batch Monitoring services, spearheads Centralized Technical Support services, sets standards for project technical team members and plays a key role in supporting project sites from the Development Center in Colorado.
Ryan Lepel
FAST Sr. Infrastructure Architect
Ryan Lepel is a Sr. Infrastructure Architect who leads a group that provides client infrastructure support services and research and development for FAST. In his current role, Ryan focuses on assisting project sites, guiding project sites’ infrastructure implementations, and examining new technologies for integration into FAST recommended infrastructure architecture.
Evan Sylvester
FAST Information Security Officer
Evan Sylvester is a FAST Information Security Officer and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) with over 10 years of professional security experience. Evan has a professional security background of offensive security testing and defensive security guidance to help organizations protect themselves from evolving and traditional threats
Todd Mortensen
FAST Hosting Services Manager
Todd Mortensen manages FAST Hosting Services (FHS) and leads the overall direction for FHS offerings of Hosting and the FASTStack. He also manages the infrastructure teams that support these services. He has been with FAST for over 3 ½ years. Prior to joining FAST he had over 11 years of experience in administering and securing information technology to aid public and private organizations in exceeding their goals.