2021 DVACC

The 2021 DVACC went live virtually on August 30th. To view this year’s sessions and 2020’s sessions, click the button below.

Compliance Miniseries

The FAST Compliance Miniseries is a sequence of six virtual meetings hosted by the FAST Pandemic Recovery Taskforce. The miniseries agenda addresses current compliance topics that are of interest and relevant to many roles in an agency. The presentations include current best practices in place today and explore new opportunities to improve customer experience, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase revenue as the “Revenue Agency of the Future.” 

Solution Series Meetings

The FAST Pandemic Recovery Taskforce hosts ongoing virtual Solution Series meetings for tax clients.

COVID-19 Updates

The 2021 DVACC was held virtually.


The 2021 Compliance Conference was held virtually as a miniseries. 


Please check back for updates on RACC and NACC! 

FAST Conference Team

Jenna Landman

Conference Team Manager

Jenna Landman is the Conference Team Manager. She has four years of experience in conference and event planning. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from Boise State University. Jenna’s favorite part of working at FAST is being able to interact with FASTies and clients at conference events. When she is noplanning events, Jenna enjoys spending time with her friends and family and thrifting for antique finds. 


BriAna Lopez

Conference Coordinator

BriAna Lopez grew up in Seattle, Washington and relocated to Boise, Idaho to attend Boise State University and earn her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and a minor in Supply Chain Management. She has been with the Conference team since the beginning of 2020. When she is not watching her Seattle sports teams, you can find BriAna in the kitchen baking or cooking a new recipe. Her favorite part of being a FASTie is making connections with different FASTies all over the country. BriAna is excited to start meeting more FASTies at conferences this summer!